These regulations are presented to guests when they arrive. They are displayed in the Arrival Office and inside the campsite Pino Mare. By entering the campsite, guests accept them in their entirely.

1. Upon arrival, Guests must show up for registration at our reception desk producing a valid identity card for each member of their group. Every member will receive a camping-pass and a special identity bracelet that must be worn for the whole stay. Entry to the Camping Village Pino Mare is strictly forbidden to all non-authorized persons; these will be expelled from the campsite and are legally punishable according to the Public Security regulations, art. no. 633-614-624 of the Italian Penal Code GENERAL RULES CAMPSITE VILLAGE.

2. Arriving guests may register from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Only guests who completed check-out formalities the day before may leave the campsite from 7 a.m. onwards.

3. Guests returning later than 11 p.m. must leave their cars outside the campsite and enter on foot.

4. All guests have to observe the rest hours and have to keep quiet from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm and from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am. During these times guests are asked to be careful when entering the campsite or moving around it using motor vehicles. It is forbidden to keep radios or TVs at high volume or to pitch tents or patios. ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHTS AND FROM 1.08 TO 16.08 THE START OF THE EVENING NOISE-FREE PERIOD MAY BE DEFERRED UNTIL MIDNIGHT.

5. After leaving an identification document at reception, visitors may enter the camp site for a maximum of one hour, after which they will be charged the current daily rate. Clients are kindly required to read the campsite’s regulations and tariff list.

6. Guests must show up at our check-out desk for settlement the day before departure. They will be requested to give their car coupon back; in case of loss, they will be asked to pay € 5,00 for each coupon lost. Stays booked in advance need to be settled within three days from arrival. The cash desk is open from 8.30 am to 12.30 and from 3 pm to 7 pm. Payments made outside normal cash-desk opening times will require a € 15 surcharge.

7. Minors must be accompanied by and share the accommodation of their parents or legal guardians. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for ensuring minors respect the campsite's rules and regulations.

8. Each guest is responsible for his own personal possessions: the Campsite Management will accept in no circumstances any responsibility for losses.

9. The lighting of fires is strictly forbidden in both the Campsite and on the beach. Barbecuing is only allowed when strict safety precautions are followed. Guests are strongly requested to respect the natural environment of the Campsite.

10. There is no access to the beach between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

11. A speed limit applies to all vehicles inside the campsite. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

12. Guests are invited to use the ecological waste disposal areas within the camp site and to strictly follow the instructions for sorted waste collection.

13. Dogs are allowed on the campsite provided they wear a muzzle and are kept on a lead; they must be registered on arrival. It is forbidden to introduce dogs inside the toilettes.

14. The water park generally opens for the season on 15-20 May and closes on 15-20 September, according to the weather.

15. It is absolutely forbidden to wash your car in the Camper Service and throughout the area of the camp.

16. The Management and the staff are not responsible for thefts or loss which may occur inside the Camping Village Pino Mare, for damages for temporary lack of gas, electricity, water supplies or technical failures on systems, for accidents caused by natural elements, such as wind, rain and similar, by falls of branches, pinecones or any other vegetable parts during or not atmospheric events, by the presence of wild animals, for accidents caused by guests and their equipment or vehicles. The Camping Village Pino Mare declines any responsibility for clumsy maneuvers made to enter or exit pitches (crash on trees, plants, branches, fences or shading sheets).

17. Any claim must be reported to the Information desk within 24 hours from arrival. Later reporting will not be taken into consideration.

18. Fitness Area: the use of sports equipment is restricted to adults. The management must not be considered responsible for the damages caused by this equipment to the person using it or to other persons. Swimming pool: separate regulation sheet.

19. Non-bookable pitches can be selected by the Guest considering staff’s instructions. Bookable pitches can be occupied prior to the Direction consent. Pitch exchange is not allowed unless specifically permitted by the Direction. All equipment, including cars and caravans, must be tidily placed within the pitch boundaries. Parking any motor vehicle on passageways is strictly forbidden. Invading even temporarily other pitches, even when these are free, is as well forbidden, and results in the charging of the fee for the occupied pitch.

20. Guests are informed that each pitch can host only one caravan or one motorhome or one tent together with only one vehicle (car or motorbike). Each pitch can host a maximum of 6 people. Only upon consent, it is possible to put up a small “accessory” tent (ridge tent, igloo, etc.)

21. Guests must keep their pitch clean and tidy during their stay as a sign of courtesy towards other guests and to maintain the general appearance of the campsite as a whole. Therefore, Management reserves the right to apply a € 35 pitch cleaning charge to those guests who do not abide by this simple rule of basic civil behavior. ANYONE INFRINGING THESE RULES WILL BE ASKED BY THE MANAGEMENT TO LEAVE THE CAMPSITE. The co-operation of Guests towards smooth running of the Campsite, by reporting any complaints and observations to the Management, will be greatly appreciated.

22. An original copy of this Regulation will be handed out to all Guests, who will undersign it for acceptance, while a copy will be held by the Direction. 


Our housing units can be booked for one or more weeks (fri/fri - sat/sat - sun/sun). Pitches can be booked for one or more weeks Inlowseason(A/Btimespan) 2-night-minimumstayagreeablewiththeDirection;inhighandpeakseason(C/Dtimespan)7-night-minimumstay.

1. Pricesarepernight.Pricesofhousingunitsinclude:gas,electricity,hotandcoldwater,1beachumbrella+2sunloungers,entrytotheswimmingpool,VAT,airconditioned with clima card for 10 hours a day. The clima card is rechargeable at € 0,50 per hour; residue money will not be reimbursed. Pitch prices include: electricity, hot and cold water, 1 beach umbrella, entry to the swimming pool and VAT.

2. Prices of housing units do not include: parking lot, bathroom linen, final cleaning (required) euro 47.

3. Availability showed by our Booking Online system is indicative and in any case is subject to confirmation by our staff; for the validity of the booking, Guests will be required to pay a confirmation deposit. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard (only on our website) or by bank transfer; the specific registration number assigned is always to be mentioned.

4. Once received our staff’s confirmation, the booking will be considered valid and binding at receipt of the deposit that will amount to 1/3 of the total sum; Guestswillreceivealetterconfirmingtheirbooking.

5.Arrivalanddeparturetimes:bookedpitches:arrivalfrom15.00to23.00 – departurewithin12.00.Possible extensions of the stay can be agreed with the Direction; non-booked pitches: arrival from 8.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 23.00 – departure within 12.00 (leaving after such limit will result in the Direction retaining one site night.); housing units arrival from 17.00 to 23.00 – departure within 10.00. Possible extensions of the stay can be agreed with the Direction.

6. Payment is needed within three days from arrival. Booking will be held valid up to 10 o’clock of the day following the estimated arrival date. Arrival delay or early leaving must be immediately reported to the Direction and in any case imply the full payment of the booked period.

7. For the housing units, a payment of € 100,00 will be requested upon arrival as a security deposit. Said sum will be returned on departure if no damages are reported by our controlling staff.

8. The number of people hosted in the housing units shall not be higher than the number of beds, except for a baby younger than 3 years old. Each pitch can host a maximum of 6 people.

9. Dogs are not allowed inside the housing units.

10. Guests arriving before the check-in times are not allowed inside the camping village. The keys of each housing unit are handed out starting from 17.00 of the arrival date. Guests are kindly requested to make their plans accordingly.

11. The booking confirmation attests the kind of accommodation and duration of stay; when possible, the Direction will take into consideration requests for pitches or housing units selected by Guests. The Direction reserves the right to change the resource number assigned even after having received the confirmation deposit and sent the confirmation letter.

12. Guests are not allowed to exchange pitch without prior consent from the Direction.

13. The pricelist and regulation of the camping village are integral part of the present “General terms and booking”.