May 07 2022

Your vacation with us is guaranteed. New hygiene and safety measures!

At Camping Pino Village Mare we work to give a dream vacation ...

For this reason, we have always applied very strict hygiene measures to prevent and avoid infectious diseases.

These measures are now being reinforced and supplemented to protect against COVID 19.

General security measures

  • The entire camping area is reserved only for camping guests.
  • The distance rule of 1 meter is recommended in the entire campsite area (inside and outside), except in our own family circle.
  • Disinfection columns are available throughout the campsite area.
  • All cleaning agents and disinfectants used have a certified antibacterial and antiviral effect.
  • It is provided disinfection of all critical contact points several times a day.

Cleaning and disinfection of the mobile homes and of the common toilets 

  • Special deep cleaning and disinfection of all mobile homes before arrival occupancy.
  • All bed linen is cleaned and disinfected by the external professional laundry "LAVANDERIA SOLIGO"  according to certified washing processes.
  • The cleaning staff wears mouth and nose protection and disposable gloves in accordance with health protocols.
  • It is provided the regular cleaning of the sanitary facilities with antiviral and antibacterial disinfectants.


  • All the sun umbrellas are placed at the distance that is regulated by the health protocol provided.

Swimming pool and Wellness area


  • The water in our swimming pools is treated through regularly backwashed filters and with the legally required water supply according to the standards. Dosing pumps with ongoing electronic monitoring and logging of the target content of free and bound chlorine and target pH value.
  • It is guaranteed prescribed minimum distance of the loungers both in the indoor areas and in the external sun lounger areas, except for the occupancy intended for the family.
  • We invite parents/accompanying persons to look after their own children in order to respect the interpersonal safety distance and the hygiene- behavioural standards according to their degree of autonomy and their age.
  • Garments and personal belongings have to be stored in personal bags.
  • Showers before entering the water and the use of diapers for little children is compulsory.
  • The outdoor fitness-equipment is regularly spaced and is regularly sanitized.
  • All employees wear the prescribed safety equipment protection.
  • For the wellness area, after each treatment, we ensure the accurate disinfection of all treatment utensils and the entire room.

Self-service restaurant, bar, and supermarket

  •  The entry and storage of goods of all foods and the preparation of all dishes comply strictly with current HACCP guidelines.
  • We guarantee the prescribed safety distance between the tables, both in the dining rooms and in the bar.
  • The  protective masks and the disposable gloves are used by the staff during all work processes in food production and in service.

Animation team

  •  All animation activities have been created, reorganized, and invented in a new and original way. 
  • ​Social distancing will be respected, our aim is to entertain you and have fun.