January 22 2021

2021 Camping Awards

Superplatz ADAC 2021

Our Camping Village Pino Mare was named "ADAC SUPERPLATZ 2021" by the ADAC.
This year we are once again part of the selected group of 5 star campsites in Italy!
It is one of the most important awards in the field of open air tourism.
Thank you for this great award!


The ANWB, one of the most important Dutch organizations in the camping sector, has earned Camping Village Pino Mare the highest place with a five-star rating on the website www.anwbcamping.nl.
Due to this result, Camping Village Pino Mare was named "ANWB TOP CAMPING 2020".

Beliebtester Campingplatz 2021

PiNCAMP, the new ADAC German portal, named the Camping Awards to the 100 most popular campsites in Europe. Camping Village Pino Mare received the coveted award and made it into the top 100.

2020 Traveller's choice

Travelers' Choice rewards companies that consistently get great user reviews.

It takes into account the quality, quantity and topicality of reviews and opinions submitted by travelers.
Special thanks to our customers for the reviews they left us and for choosing us as their holiday destination.